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Mobogenie is an all in one Android phone and Android tablet manager for your Windows PC. It makes managing Android devices a breeze. It lets you share files, contacts, gallery, apps and just anything between your PC and Android device. To connect your device with Mobogenie you must have USB Debugging enabled on your Android device and then Mobogenie will automatically connect with your Android Device.

Mobogenie is a software program that allows you to manage the entire content of your Android phone with the help of your computer. This type of program is also called an Android synchronization software.

What makes mobogenie karket the must-have app for your Android phone? You can download cool apps, games, ringtones, and wallpapers directly to your Android device without a computer! Trust mobogenie karket to bring you fantastic apps hidden in the secret stashes of Google Play. Find apps you wanted in seconds, and discover great apps you have never known. Search store apps directly in Mobogenie Market. Now also comes integrated with Facebook topics and Twitter trends.

Special features:

Editor Recommends: Handpicked apps and games.
Trending and Top charts: Stay updated on what’s climbing up the charts.
News and Reviews: Up-to-date app reviews and Android news. 4. Packages: Great way to discover unlimited apps.
Also powered with faster and more effective apps search, richer information and reviews, and a better way to discover hidden but great apps.
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The Interface

The interface is highly intuitive and allows you to easily browse and manage all the files you have on your smart phone, as well as contacts, text messages and applications. It comes packed with a nice, colorful and modern design.

It encloses a navigation panels from which you can easily access all the available options and a pane in which to display the selected information.

Mobogenie comes with an incredible user-friendly interface, which is smooth, organized, and modern. It supports over 23 languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, Indonesian, Russian, and several other languages.

Mobogenie bring much more

Create a backup
A very useful features that this software application offers is the ability to back up and restore all the data that exists on your smart phone, thus allowing you to prevent sudden data loss or easily switch phones.

This utility also enables you to easily manage your contacts (e.g. add new ones, insert pictures or other information, delete them etc.), messages, applications and multimedia files with a minimal amount of effort.

Manage SD Card:
This is a simple utility that open SD card in Windows Explorer and it lets you view all the files in SD card of you device.

This utility lets you restore all the backups created using Mobogenie. It works great and is overall a good restore utility.

Install .apk:
This tool lets you install applications on your phone from apk files. It install apps without much fuss and is a must have tool.

Mobogenie Version 3.0 brings:

More content, which is now also accessible to everyone (no Android device required)
Improved performance and download speeds
Improved and more accurate searching
More personalised recommendations
A revamped, easier-to-use interface
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